Mimosito is an EFT emotional therapy bear designed for children. Based on the idea of transferrence, the child can pass his fears and phobias onto Mimosito. It is easier to accept that Mimosito is afraid of the dark and doesn´t want to sleep alone! As the child accepts Mimosito´s fears, loves him and taps on his red points they will release their own fears and concerns. 

Each bear is handmade with love in your child´s favourite colours. It will come with a link to the videos showing you how to use Mimosito, either on behalf of your child if they are very small, or showing your child how to use Mimosito him/herself depending on their age. 

EFT is a cutting edge energy medicine tool that can help you overcome fears and phobias, trauma, mindset, self love and of course overcoming those limiting self beliefs. It is so easy to learn and use that you can even teach your children to use it.

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